Shaiya Update Downloads
Okay so this page is going to be pretty straightforward... Here I post links to all information that is currently usable in regards to updating the US version of Shaiya.

The .saf file download is working, although it is a little more involved than I would like. I am still working on getting it uploaded so it is available for download without all the fuss of idrive, but at least now it's available to people who need it.

The Patch File Downloads page contains a listing of patch files 56-92. If you need them, click on that link and it will bring up a listing of patch files. Click the ones you need, and they can be downloaded.

On this note, I have spoken to [GM]FoxTrot about getting a new bundled client release available for download. If no other options work at this time, once the new client is released there will be no need to update it, as all the updates will come pre-applied. The .saf file download which I offer is pretty much the same thing, although you still need to have downloaded the current client and have it installed before the .saf file will be of any use to you.

Once the new bundled client release is available, I will make sure to post a link to it here.