Shaiya Update Downloads
I am in the process of finding a suitable place to upload the .saf file to so that the whole idrive thing becomes null and void... Until then this is the best method I have found

In order to download the .saf file (which is actually coming in a .zip format because of size limitations), you will need my account information for IDrive. Before you get this information, I ask that you try the other methods of updating found in the thread listed at the bottom of this page. Keep in mind that the data.saf file you are downloading here is a 1.1GB file, so it may take a while to download. If the other methods aren't working for you, send me a PM on the forums and I will give you the account information.

The website address is .  Once you are logged into the site, it will display a list of files... go to C:\... go to AeriaGames... go to Shaiya... click on the file.

It will ask you for an encryption key... the key is shaiya (all lower case).

It will download the .zip file. Extract it to your Shaiya folder, overwriting your current data.saf file. Once that is done, open your version.ini file and delete the contents. Copy this into it:


Here is the link to my AG&E Profile so that you can PM me:

Here is the link to the other options I will require that you have tried and failed before receiving this account information:
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